When I was about twelve years old, I made my first contact with spirituality in Leiden. I was asked to participate as an assist for Paul des Chats, a hypnotist and telepathist. Together we traveled throughout the Netherlands and I got more and more means in the power of the mind. So began my quest for more …


“Cagā yōgā” means healing yoga. I started with yoga to heal myself from cancer. But while I was practicing yoga I discovered that yoga brought me a most precious gift. Yoga practice helped me with tolerating the consequences of being myself.



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Patanjali Ayurved Hospital

October 17, 2016 Dear Doctor, My name is René van Es, I’m a man born in Netherlands, who currently lives […]


Khajuraho is een plaats in het noorden van de Indiase deelstaat Madhya Pradesh. Vijfentwintig kilometer hier vandaan ligt Arhanta ashram. […]


De reis van het hotel in Delhi ging naar Indiase begrippen voorspoedig langs de nodige verkeersopstoppingen en uiteraard met veel […]

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